ConceroMed works with both early stage and late stage companies to help build a firm foundation necessary for exponential growth.   Below are some of the commercial tools ConceroMed develops with  clients in order to help them scale their business.  


Commercial Playbook:

Do your employees understand their roles and what is expected of them?   Do they wake up every morning and know what excellence looks like?   Setting clear expectations is simple but many organizations struggle because people make assumptions.

Creating a Commercial Playbook is critical to long term success.   This foundation helps executives think through every role in the commercial organization and spell out what  excellence looks like for each role.   This creates a rode map for employees and the foundation that performance can then be measured against.

Part of creating the Commercial Playbook is going through a job modeling exercise.   This process allows the organization to better understand the key attributes of highly successful people for each role in the organization.   Understanding the attributes required to be successful in each position will significantly increase the odds of making the right choices when building out your team.


Core Competencies:

Do you know what Core Competencies are required for your sales organization to be successful?   If not, how do you train them?   Understanding the core competencies needed to be successful in a sales role will significantly decrease the time needed to on-board sales representatives and allows managers to effectively coach employees.

Core Competencies can easily be measured by observable behaviors associated with each core competency.  For example, a core competency for most sales representatives is “Business Acumen”.   They need to know how to manage their territory and run it like a business.  In this case, an observable basic behavior would be their ability to follow the sales process and enter data into a CRM.   Defining observable behaviors for each core competency from basic to mastery allows managers to objectively measure sales reps performance in a consistent way.


Sales and Marketing Alignment:

In order for a commercial organization to really function well, Sales and Marketing must work closely together.    Some of the best insights come from sales representatives.  However, building up the supportive data and creating a consistent message that can be precisely delivered in the field over and over again in a compliant manner needs to be created by marketing.   Too many times sales and marketing are not working in a cohesive fashion.

Team Scan is a tool we use to help sales and marketing organizations realize the unique strengths they each bring to the table.  We then work with the leaders to help identify key insights that marketing messages can be built around to help drive value for customers.

Sales Process:

How far out can you accurately forecast your business?   Truly understanding the sales process is critical for accurately forecasting revenue, supplies, and inventory.   However, many organizations have not taken the time to completely understand  their sales process.

ConceroMed will help your organization lay out the critical steps in the sales process that need to be taken by both your employees but more importantly the steps your customers must take in order to purchase your product or service.  By focusing on the customers buying activit

ies your organization will be able to create a much better understanding of the sales process and can be extremely motivating for your top sales representatives.

Most CRMs like “SalesForce” make it easy to track the activities of sales representatives.   This can be a beneficial tool depending on the attributes of your sales team.  However, this type of micromanagement can also be a deterrent for many top sales representatives that have the attributes of a “Hunter” or “Challenger”.   By understanding your customers buying process you can leverage tools like “SalesForce” to be a motivator verses a tool that demotivates.

Team Building:

“A team is a small group of people (typically fewer than twenty) with complimentary skills committed to a common purpose and set of specific performance goals.   Its members are committed to working with each other to achieve the team’s purpose and hold each other fully and jointly accountable for th team’s results.” The Wisdom of Teams, Katzenbach and Smith

ConceroMed uses a number of tools to increase knowledge about the way individuals can combine their strengths and work together to accomplish goals.   The objectives are:

  • Understand the team culture
  • Measure the teams performance
  • Develop strengths, trust and accountability
  • Build a team action plan for continued success

The ConceroMed Team has decades of Medical Sales and Commercial experience.   Let us put our experience to use for your organization by helping lay a firm foundation that is needed to successfully run and scale a commercial organization.   If you want to learn more about our services please contact us through the form below.