If you are like us, some of the most influential people in your life have been coaches both on the field and off.  If you are looking to better understand your strengths and what makes you unique then we would love to connect you with one of our certified PDP professionals to help you better understand what makes you tick.   

The first thing we do is complete a personal assessment called the ProScan and a one hour consultation.  This assessment helps us better understand your individual strengths and how environmental factors affect your stress, energy and satisfaction levels.   During the consultation we will also identify your motivators and goals so we can help you strive for excellence in your life.  The one hour consultation and assessment cost $498.00.  

In addition to the assessment and consultation you will be invited to join an exclusive group on the ConceroMed community just for those that have gone through the process.  This group will help take what you have learned and apply it year round in both your professional and personal life.

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